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What is a broker administration? Benefits

The Broker Administration has to do with all the backstage, so to speak, of the broker and is a fundamental part of the business organization. That is why if you are a money manager or IB and want to start your own business as a broker, you must read everything we will explain below about this platform.

This vital space is where you, as the manager of a Forex client portfolio, will have everything you need to direct, sort, organize and select each step taken by your clients. There’s a lot of handling from here, correct? Because of the importance of this area, you can’t just choose any software.

In Crmreal.Online we know this very well, and we make the difference between a well-managed broker and one with difficulties in a world where unintentional errors are unacceptable. Discover our CRM System by observing the relevance of a proper administration supported by the best software.

Broker Administration, what is its role?

In general, the administration function in a Broker aims to keep a series of client management up to date, providing an organized and enabling space to negotiate. Among the list of most relevant features, we have:

  • Keep the records updated of users and customers.
  • Authorize new customers.
  • Manage passwords.
  • Give customers access to all the functionalities necessary to conduct their business online.
  • Provide the opportunity to perform tasks such as quotes, payments and withdrawals, internal notes, crash alerts, among other activities inherent to the business.

In CRMreal, as a provider and expert in software for brokers, we have enabled these tools that are part of a whole compendium of services, and along with the Broker administration, are the key to expand the management of your Forex client portfolio.

Why do you need a broker manager?

The reason is quite simple, and it will bring you imperceptible benefits. All brokers must maintain a broker administrator as it is their responsibility to support user records.

It must also have a robust and reliable database that supports old records when deleted for security reasons and maintain everything related to the financial area in order.

The broker administration must notify new clients of their user ID when accounts are activated and handle related inquiries.

What are the benefits of having an administrative area in your broker?

Remember that this space is only for you and your workgroup. In it, you can manage the automated database, giving you the first advantage, which is the anticipation of tasks avoiding duplication of actions.

In the same way, it allows you to monitor in detail each event that happens, which generates early warnings of any eventuality.

Having a full-featured CRM software for Broker administration is a benefit. The number of movements and transactions that can arise in real-time is overwhelming; therefore, having this type of platform at hand will make your broker successful.

See the benefits in more detail as you delve into each of the sections within the administrative area of our software, designed and dedicated to your work as an IB or Money Manager looking to set up your business as a broker:

● Customer Space

It is the ideal place to manage the entry of new clients who wish to create their accounts on your Broker platform. From here, you will be in charge of the entire KYC procedure, which is necessary to accept new users after reviewing and verifying the required documentation.

● Lead Manager

If you have a team that needs to be aware of what is going on inside the broker administration, through our CRM system, you can enable controlled access. In this way, they will be able to work with the database of potential new users and maintain a constant input flow.

● Deposits and withdrawals

In this space, dedicated to incoming and outgoing money from traders working under your broker, you can control these operations before being executed and the ways to do it, all with a single click.

● Customer Support

Nothing is more satisfying for those who hire a service than to be well attended to and without waiting a long time. Without a doubt, we know the importance of responsiveness.

That is why an excellent Broker administration will have the margin of generating individual support for each client who makes the request. This software will help you give early and timely responses to your clients.

● Automatic mailing

Knowing what your customers need will help you anticipate recurring doubts from new customers. You can adapt your automatic responses to these repeated requests.

You will also have a library of email templates, fully customizable for everything your broker needs to solve.

● Early warnings

You already know this, but it never hurts to reiterate that this market changes very fast. So, if you want to keep up to date, you need to have the best tools to make your broker administration an unstoppable place to work.

Early warnings are a huge benefit that will allow you to make all the changes in your dashboard, transaction notices, inputs and outputs, thus giving the response that your customers expect.

In conclusion, we recommend the following

Not all software, being a work of technology, offers you everything you need. Trusting anyone is losing a lot; however, you have alternatives like the one we present from CRMreal. Try our Demo and see the difference of having everything in one place. Broker administration considers many aspects that will make your work organized, orderly, monitored, and with real-time solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us; we are here to give you the alternative you deserve.

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