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What is a CRM broker? All you need to know

One thing not to lose sight of is that every broker must have an optimized CRM focused on facilitating any internal management of traders.

Many times, the efforts are focused on having an excellent external interface, a well-elaborated web, a correct usability, etc., but we must not forget that all this effort with our web has to be closely linked to an appropriate intranet because the internal part is the one that the trader or investor will use daily as a platform to carry out all their procedures.

For this reason, in Real CRM, we have been careful to cover all the key sections. As brokers and traders, we believe that an optimal CRM broker should have everything you need.

What does a CRM broker mean for IBs and Brokers?

It is essential to support everything that contains the broker’s administration. For any management, no matter how insignificant, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has to solve and facilitate quickly and easily any internal action coming from both the trader and the broker.

Therefore, the wiser the selection of the sections internally, the better experience the CRM broker user will have. Our motto is to make life easier for the client, reducing the number of clicks when carrying out a transaction.

It is worth noting that this software is the best alternative for an introductory broker who wants to start managing their broker.In the same way, for established Brokers, a CRM, like the one we offer in Real CRM, improves the work you have been doing.

What areas should an optimal CRM broker have?

Every broker, in its CRM, must have a place where the user registers, another where they can carry out any internal management, and of course, the last one that would belong to the broker where they can manage the operation of their business.

But we better go by parts:

Registration Area

As its name suggests, it is where the customer registers and logs in to the platform. The registration area is fully customizable, and it is the first thing your customers will find. The following tasks are performed in this area:

  1. Registration of personal and business information

Any client, new or regular in the CRM broker, will be able to register on your platform as a personal account or as a company. Its robust automatic verification system will tell you which country your customer belongs to and will validate the phone number.

  1. Email validation

This security element is activated when the users write their email; the system sends a code to the email to continue with the registration in the CRM platform.

  1. Legal terms and conditions

Finally, the user of the CRM broker must comply with this legal requirement and must read these terms to accept and continue knowingly.

Clients Area / Traders Rooms

By completing the previous registration, the user has access to this area where the following internal sections are available:

  1. Deposits and withdrawals

Centrally managed accounts with traditional payment methods. New electronic wallets and cryptocurrencies are also accepted.

  1. Accounts opening

You can open accounts on MT4/MT5, as a demo or as a real account. From the CRM broker, the trader will be able to modify or select their leverage without setbacks.

  1. Social trading

In this area, the trader will have the option of copy trading, one of the financial strategies with the highest demand. Traders looking to diversify their portfolio can choose the account from which they can copy the trade with the amount they wish to invest, all in a few simple steps.

  1. IB Portal

This marketing tool is what makes you visible to future customers. With it, traders will be able to recommend and attract more traders to your broker, earning referral commissions.

  • Know your Client (KYC)

Through the software, it is possible to validate the identity of customers by verifying the documents they provide at the time of registration.

  1. Online support

If traders need assistance of any kind, they can access it through this option by opening support tickets. They will receive continuous follow-up email notifications until resolution.

Administrative area

This area is exclusive to the broker; from here, you can manage the entire database of your business. Let’s see it in detail:

  1. Client list

From here, you can control the linking of new users who want to create accounts on your platform through the management of the KYC system.

  1. Lead Manager

In the case of having a commercial team under your supervision, they can access the platform with the restrictions you grant to each member to manage specific business management processes.

  1. Deposits and withdrawals

From the CRM broker, you will be able to direct the income and withdrawals your clients make before executing them; you also control how they can make bank transactions.

  1. Customer Support

Each request generates an individual ticket, with which you give timely answers and solutions to your client.

  1. Automatic sending of clen buy dallas steele alex emails

Automatic responses are generated to the most recurrent requests made by users of your platform. You can also use a series of templates to facilitate the writing of emails.

  1. Alerts

With this alert system you will not miss your broker’s pending transactions. Thanks to the alert generator, you will save time and have everything organized to give answers.


CRM broker platforms are essential for your broker business to run smoothly and correctly. They will help you better organize all the procedures for your clients and yourself. Consult CRM Real right now; we will be willing to assist you and advise you to offer you the best relationship management service with your customers. Request a free Demo and check what we are recommending.

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