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IB Dashboard: the advantages of having its integration

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool that helps you serve your clients as Money Manager, and also, it is a powerful tool to manage the accounts of the partners or IBs that work under your broker. And what better than offering an IB Dashboard with all the advantages and guarantees of the most successful ones?

In the same way, this technological tool allows you to make yourself known in the Forex market by increasing your trading transactions on your account or behalf of the IB.

As you can see, it’s a win-win situation. However, we must go deeper into the benefits of this type of technological tool and the benefits that the integration of the Dashboard for IB that CRMREAL makes available to you can bring.

The best IB Dashboard will depend on your Forex CRM System

It’s a simple premise that is often taken lightly and can land you in trouble at the least expected times. To offer the best to the IBs working under your firm, you must have a CRM that works smoothly and offers as many details, payment methods, and tools as necessary.

Likewise, as a Broker Introduction that has not yet opted to have its broker, it will be in your interest that the company under which you work offers you all the possibilities that technology allows to manage your processes and business in an ideal way.

IB Dashboard features you need

Let’s clarify that an IB Scorecard is an information management tool that helps to easily monitor, analyze and visualize key performance indicators, such as metrics, payments, and means to do so, and essential data on the status of an account, such as the financial processes.

We could say that the dashboard is a kind of synthesis that gathers data from different channels, accounts, and investments to show everything in an organized and more intuitive way.

As the process handled by IBs is not linear and, in addition, there is a giant and complex network of traders, brokers and IBs involved, the challenge facing any brokerage and broker introduction is to maintain control at the different levels of network and commissions.

Hence the importance of the functionality of the IB Dashboard, which includes multi-levels and offers various options. A worthwhile IB portal will be based on the following features, always under the tutelage of an optimal CRM:

Adjusted to your needs

This dedicated dashboard will present you with the volume of transactions executed, commissions paid and net deposits performed by applying a filter that will show you all these processes on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Visually appropriate

The IB Dashboard is a part of any Forex CRM broker because this way, you can get a quick view of the entire IB model, which is very important for the Money Maker managing the company.

The goal of the IB Dashboard is to get you the information you need at a glance. Thus, data will be presented in graphical form, using easily identifiable indicators.

We know the world around Forex requires a lot of experience due to its complexity. Imagine not having a tool to make your work easy; it is like having a dead weight. Thinking about it, the keys provided by a well-developed dashboard will be a relief and will speed up any process.  


The idea of having an easy visualization of the data makes your dashboard focused on guiding the actions you have to perform; that is to say, it must be a functional element that will guide you.

In that sense, the IB Dashboard has to provide the necessary data so that you can know what steps to follow to improve the results.

Real-time processes

The Forex world evolves very quickly, so it has always been, and you need to take advantage of the momentum. For this reason, information should be up-to-date on all sources and displayed in your dashboard in real-time without delays.

Alert of unpostponable activities

As Money Manager, you need to always be up to date with what happens in your broker; therefore, offering a portal for IBs who work with you is a substantial advantage for you and your team. From your CRM system, you can observe the activities that each IB has pending.

For example, you can observe KYC documents, IB status, live accounts, and deposits, among other activities.

How does all this help? Managing information in this way makes it easier for you and your team to take urgent action quickly, and the IB dashboard alerts IBs to what concerns them.

Performance Analytics

You will also be able to see the individual profits and earnings of each IB and sub-IB by participation and commission earned.

Why have a Dashboard

Being an IB involves certain activities that in Forex must be very fast and accurate, and due to the large number of levels you will face, a dashboard should allow you to observe metrics and other data as they are running.

Doing so allows you to gather information, analyze it, and act on it. With an IB Dashboard, you will have the enormous advantage of understanding what is happening in the Forex market because everything is at your fingertips.

Similarly, like Money Maker, offering a dashboard with all the benefits will attract more associates who will remain satisfied with the service provided.  

Let nothing stop the fluidity with which you can work, so acquire the best portal to manage your Broker, CRMREAL knows every detail of what this powerful platform implies, so it offers you only the best in Forex technology. Try our Demo and see it firsthand.

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