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How to choose the best and reliable Forex Trading Room?

We are not going to lie to you, success in Forex depends on perseverance and therefore it is built day by day. In this market, there is nothing coincidental. It’s not going to depend on your luck, so leave those formulas for the casino and discover why a smooth, stable and state-of-the-art trading room will improve your results, and you will see how your clients will thank you in the future.

CRMreal, as a technology provider and in partnership with Smart Broker Solutions, has everything you need to know and acquire the most comfortable platform that best suits your work pace.

So, let’s get to the point.

What characterizes the best trading room?

Whether you’re a professional in this area or an IB just starting to create your broker, you’ll realize that you need several elements to complete your new project. Making a necessary parenthesis, SBS White Label will save you a lot of time since they are technological solutions designed with everything you need to start from scratch and not stop.

Returning to the subject, it is good that you know that traders’ rooms are a technological space where your clients converge to make their investments in your Broker.

The characteristics of these platforms have certain peculiarities that make them necessary for you, so let’s take a general tour so that you have a clearer idea of the advantages of a trading room.

Impeccable management and administration

In these environments where clients have different characteristics, skills, experiences, and objectives, they need a moderator with a professional presence and broad knowledge of what they do.

This type of management as a broker contributes to the security of the space. In the same way, it is gratifying for any inexperienced person who wants to be in your broker from the beginning to have the security of an impeccable internal management.

Commitment and respect in the relationship between broker and trader

The level of responsibility that the broker has in the trading room towards its client is fundamental; nobody wants to be in a space with irresponsible people, and less if it is about transactions that involve money.

Likewise, knowing how to handle the different trader’s needs is a skill that you acquire with experience, so everyone involved in the broker’s management group will be able to notice the management and understanding capacity they have.

Room services your customers will love

You work in a market that requires the best tools for your broker to offer irresistible services to any trader. Therefore, from CRMreal, we suggest that you evaluate the autonomy of each of the functions of the trading room in a CRM solution like ours.

We explain which are the most important ones:

Deposits and withdrawals

There is the possibility of perishing without smooth movement, so a trading room must offer fast deposit and withdrawal transactions.

The alternatives must be diverse, allowing traditional bank transfers, as well as the most current ones, through digital wallets such as Skrill, and Neteller, among others, or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or USDT.

The management is carried out through centralized operations in the CRM, which allows the control of investments.


Have the ability to open live accounts easily on the MT4 or MT5 platform and in a single space. Offering demo accounts in your trading room, where less experienced clients can practice their trading, is also an advantage.

In addition, changing the leverage in just a few steps is another advantage offered only by the best rooms.

Social Trading

One of the ways to learn is by observing trading strategies, and here is the ideal space for it. From this area, your clients can perform their transactions with copy trading in just a few steps.

IB portal

He who does not teach does not sell. Following this true maxim, you will have the opportunity to show your workflow with this commercial marketing tool from an IB portal.

All IB account management in the trading room is generated from here, and through this portal, you also manage your business relationship with the IB.


“Know Your Customer” is a security priority in a regulated CRM. Through the KYC area, clients can upload the documents that identify them as traders with all comfort and confidence; in the same way, they can upload the documents that endorse their transactions and the origin of the capital used.

In this space, you have the power to customize what you require as documents and guarantees and also adapt the platform for the review of verified or unverified customers.


The trading room facilitates the installation of the platforms preferred by the clients without setbacks and with full technological support.


In the client area, the attention to their requirements in a short time is vital for the reputation of your broker. The support is a fully customizable area from which the client makes their queries or complaints, and the broker receives it through the generation of tickets that arrive by email.

Why do we say it is customizable? Because, from the central management of the CRM, the broker can categorize the tickets, create automated responses and emails, monitor the topics, and group the clients and similar information as they arise.

The best trading rooms

This space is unique, do not waste time and money on poorly designed and difficult-to-access platforms. Cheap is expensive and in this market, to skimp is to lose.

Remember that a trading room should be 100% adapted to your tastes and needs. So the immovable does not work here; this platform offers a wide range of customization of your requirements, which in the end, are the demands of your customers. Try our Demo with confidence. We Buy Testosterone Enanthate in UK know what we are talking about because we work with Forex, and with CRMreal’s technological solutions, you are one step ahead towards success in this market.

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