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What are trade cabinets? Definition and keys

It is almost unthinkable for your clients to manage their accounts through your broker without offering them a state-of-the-art management platform. Therefore, the trade cabinets (also known as trading rooms) are the perfect tools to accomplish these tasks. This technological tool will help your clients feel supported when investing in your broker and fully guided in their operations.

Surely you will ask, how? This information is for you if you are an IB and want to manage your client portfolio. Likewise, it will be a great option to consider for those brokers that do not have a platform with all these competitive advantages.

Interesting, right? Continue reading to the end, and you will find out what this tool is all about and how it benefits you.

Trade cabinets, what defines them?

Although it may not be clear to you, Forex Trading Cabinet is a widely used term in this market. It is a private login space where your client will manage their accounts.

In this area, it can provide the investor with functions that will help them to develop their operational efficiency. It also provides valuable information on the company’s strengths, which will generate a mutually beneficial relationship.

Advantages for Brokers

The trades cabinets comply with technological functions of speeding up and managing financial transactions of all the broker’s clients; the most important advantages are the following:

  • Banking transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals, are fully automated.
  • Create real or demo trading accounts.
  • Download investment platforms.
  • Broker’s direct support channel.
  • Possibility of uploading the necessary documentation from the portal, without hindering live and simultaneous trading account requests.
  • Configurable elements including generation of periodic reports, change of passwords, and data update.
  • Integration of other tools associated with the broker, such as social trading, the IB portal, or others.

As we told you, these are some of the main advantages, but, depending on the software provider, you will find more advanced and valuable functions that may not be available with other management companies. They are elements that you should consider when choosing the best one.

Obvious Benefits of the Real CRM platform

You want to offer your clients a tool that flows smoothly, right? The idea is that your portfolio grows, and in this market, news travel fast; you must offer the best but mostly be up to date to get concrete results.

Let’s see how this trade cabinets technology benefits you by offering a more convenient space for those who trade at your broker.

Logical Process Execution

Inside the CRM Broker, this area works as a portal where all online executions and the necessary documents for these transactions converge. For example, this streamlines the account opening application processes.

In addition, bank accounts are managed from here using traditional payment methods or making deposits and withdrawals through digital wallets and the new cryptocurrencies.

Your clients will have the option to create demo or real accounts in MT4/MT5.

Tracking and monitoring with reports

Our Real CRM platform has several reporting templates. The extensive experience we have in Forex makes it easy for us to create a well-designed CRM, and trade cabinets fit that development.

However, this does not mean you cannot customize them; you can configure them at your convenience.

The informative documents range from trading volume, most active clients, the products you trade, etc. In the same way, you can generate an IB Portal with a marketing tool for your broker.

Automated and clear communication

Your clients can receive automated tickets in their email with information about specific accounts they wish to track.

Online support is part of this communication; with trade cabinets, your client can Buy legal Andriol access the creation of support tickets at the time they require it.

Reasons why you should consider this platform in your broker

As the saying goes, less is more. This simple-looking system is a robust, attractive platform, and the procedures it generates are easy to follow. We optimize the customer experience, and the first impression is essential.

On the other hand, our CRM is integrated with the principal Forex trading platforms, such as MT4/MT5.

Our software can help you carefully manage the organization of reimbursements for IBs. The system distributes, in real-time, the flow of payments generated by the IB.

It generates traceable reports for the Introducing Broker and your Broker to comply with the inspections that the regulatory entities periodically execute.


The trade cabinets are essential for your broker and an impeccable way to keep track of all the information generated, second by second. We invite you to see it first-hand with the Demo we put at your disposal in CRM Real, and remember that, with the latest generation software, your client will notice the difference in Forex.

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